Rustle: the First Automatic Auditor for NEAR Community

  • Rustle can currently detect 20+ types of issues in the NEAR contract. See the section Detectors for the full detector list.
  • Rustle is easy to use. We provide thorough installation commands and tutorials. Furthermore, we also prepare a docker for users for quick start.
  • Rustle is rather swift, most of the NEAR contracts can be analyzed within 3 minutes.
  • Rustle is user-friendly with reports in both CSV and JSON format. We also provide a script to help you import the result to Notion.


How to use

git clone ~/near-repo/LiNEAR
./rustle -t ~/near-repo/LiNEAR ~/near-repo/LiNEAR/contracts/linear
./rustle -t ~/near-repo/LiNEAR ~/near-repo/LiNEAR/contracts/linear -d high,medium,complex-loop

One more thing

About Us



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The BlockSec Team focuses on the security of the blockchain ecosystem and the research of crypto hack monitoring and blocking, smart contract auditing.