The analysis of Indexed Finance Security Incident

0x.1 Background

Our monitoring system

0x1.1 Relevant Contract Addresses

  • MarketCapSqrtController: 0x120c6956d292b800a835cb935c9dd326bdb4e011
  • DEFI5: 0xfa6de2697d59e88ed7fc4dfe5a33dac43565ea41
  • CC10: 0x17ac188e09a7890a1844e5e65471fe8b0ccfadf3

0x1.2 Attack Transactions

  • Attack TX-I: 0x44aad3b853866468161735496a5d9cc961ce5aa872924c5d78673076b1cd95aa
  • Attack TX-II: 0xbde4521c5ac08d0033019993b0e7e1d29b1457e80e7743d318a3c27649ca4417

0x2. Mechanism of Indexed Finance

0x2.1 Binding Token

Figure 1
Figure 2

0x2.2 What is the Next?

Figure 3

0x3. Vulnerability Analysis

Figure 4
Figure 5
  • using one token’s liquidity to estimate the value of the entire pool;
  • the weights of the pool (_totalWeight) and the token (token.denorm) are not affected by the change of the liquidity. As a matter of fact, they are influenced by the Market Capacity of the external markets. Besides, their change is limited by the time period, i.e., increase or decrease 1% per hour.

0x4. Attack Analysis




A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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