The analysis of Nerve Bridge Security Incident

0x.1 Preface

Figure 1: an example of attack transaction

0x2. Background

0x2.1 What is MetaPool?

Figure 2: Neve.3pool

0x2.2 Source of the Vulnerable Code

Figure 3: attack transactions targeting Synapse
  • MetaSwap: 0xd0fBF0A224563D5fFc8A57e4fdA6Ae080EbCf3D3
  • MetaSwapUtils: 0x91d1DBE983fBCbBAC198D5310f1d0C249bb54E65

0x3. Vulnerability Analysis

swap: _calculateSwap function
swapUnderlying: _calculateSwapUnderlying function

0x4. Attack Analysis

Figure 6: the five attack steps
  • Step 1: borrowing 50,000 BUSD using Flashloan from Fortube
  • Step 2: swapping 50,000 BUSD for 50,351 fUSDT from Ellipsis.
  • Step 3: invoking the swap function of MetaSwap to swap 50,351 fUSDT for 36,959 Nerve 3-LP with a relatively big slippage.
  • Step 4: invoking the removeLiquidityOneCoin function of Nerve.3pool with the LP tokens (received in the previous step) to remove the liquidity of BUSD, i.e., 37,071 BUSD.
  • Step 5: invoking the swapUnderlying function of MetaSwap to swap BUSD for fUSDT, and receiving 51,494 fUSDT.





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A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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