The Analysis of the Array Finance Security Incident

Figure 1
Figure 2
  • First, the attacker invoked the buy function of the Array Finance. The attacker gained 430 ARRAY tokens minted by the Array Finance using 45.91 WETH.
  • Then the attacker invoked the joinPool function of a closed source contract (Array Collater - 0xa800cda5) five times. He/she deposited 676,410.58 DAI + 679,080.46 USDC + 901.82 WETH + 20 WBTC + 20 renBTC and gained 726.38 aBPT tokens minted by Array Collater.
  • The attacker invoked the sell function to burn 430 ARRAY tokens and got 77.17 aBPT tokens.
  • At last, the attacker invoked the exitPool function of the Array Collater. He/she burned 804.55 aBPT tokens obtained in previous two steps and obtained 748,271.55 DAI + 751,225.08 USDC + 997.62 WETH + 22.63 WBTC + 22.74 renBTC.





A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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