The initial analysis of the PolyNetwork Hack

Transaction and call trace

  • 0xc8a65fadf0e0ddaf421f28feab69bf6e2e589963: Attacker
  • 0x838bf9e95cb12dd76a54c9f9d2e3082eaf928270: EthCrossChainManager
  • 0xcf2afe102057ba5c16f899271045a0a37fcb10f2: EthCrossChainData
  • 0x250e76987d838a75310c34bf422ea9f1ac4cc906: LockProxy
  • 0x5a51e2ebf8d136926b9ca7b59b60464e7c44d2eb: managerProxyContract for LockProxy
  • d450e04c (verifyHeaderAndExecuteTx)
  • 69d48074 (getCurEpochConPubKeyBytes)
  • 5ac40790 (getCurEpochStartHeight)
  • 0586763c (checkIfFromChainTxExist)
  • e90bfdcf (markFromChainTxExist(uint64,bytes32))

The main process of the attack

Function: verifyHeaderAndExecuteTx:




  1. The attacker provides a valid signed message to the function verifyHeaderAndExecuteTx
  2. The onlyManagerContract modifier in the LockProxy smart contract is NOT bypassed.
  1. The attacker may have the legitimate keys to sign the messages, which indicate the signing keys may have been leaked.




A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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A Blockchain Security and Data Company.

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